What is your main source of inspiration as a designer?

Definitely the urban environment.  I get completely stuck when trying to work in the countryside.  Architecture with an organic twist.

What is your favourite material to work with?

Ideally would be 24ct gold as it moves so beautifully, happily, richly, with weight and consequence, but not practical!  So it that light I would say 18ct gold, for the colour, and for the weight.  It sounds strange, but it is a lovely thing to handle a material that is heavier that one would expect, some sort of 'consequence'.  I am interested in making pieces that are objects in their own right, they have a design through the whole piece, the idea of one moving form delights me. 

If you had to choose three words to describe your jewellery, what would they be?

strong, exhilarating, elegant


What led you to become a jewellery designer?

A love of working with metal, and a passion for tools

Which is the piece you would most like to have kept for yourself and why?

It has to be the one I have just designed.  I like to live with ideas for a time, and then there comes a time where one moves on to the next thing.  I don't have the attachment to things that I design.  Whilst new, I get filled up with excitement, but they are not for me. I hope I create meaningful designs that mark passages in peoples lives, and I think that is a fine thing for jewellery. However, I would say, my Gothic Arch ring, inspired when I did a show at the Tower of London.  There is an arch in the Bloody Tower Gate, and I took the design from there. I used London Blue tourmalines, and the CAD design was to total labour of love, whilst I was learning.


Domini Hogg

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